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My name is Albert Nádházi Jr. and I live in Püspökladány , 4150 Miner Street 15/3 Hungary Mobile: +36309287524, Cell phone: +3654450791 Originally I am graduated in 1996 in Túrkeve as an automotive technician. I started to seriously deal with selling milking machines repairing of pulsator, spare parts supply after a year of military service. I started my career at the National Animal & fairs and began to sell the products related to milking and animal husbandry. Then I enlarged the surrounding villages near jugs material component supply, as producers could keep in touch there. There was no novelty since my father has worked as a consultant for 20 years in the business. I learned so much from him, and I am still learning constantly. I started in 2000 with the distribution of the milk coolers to deal with since then demand has arisen in Hungary for the milk cooling devices. Even then, only the used machines come into play again as there was no money of the customers to buy brand new machines. Since that time, I deal with this equipments as well as second-hand goods, improvement of other small appliances, and buying broadcast. In addition, I opened a small machine rental - service. The machines are properly fixed and then also with the warranty conditions ready to be loaned. In Each situation must meet the requirements of the customers , fair and honest manner due to 1 customer makes 100 I repair milking machines, milk cooling machines and ensure part supply for them. I am ready to meet also with individual needs.

Today I am already within the big “ones” in selling and of course someone delightful someone not with this result

This site was created in order to provide reasonable prices in widely and serve the existing and prospective clients. I try to provide the best possible prices as in the business life the most important topic is the win-win result! I have daily relation to national and international partners and I trust the further cooperation!

If you have any request please feel free to contact me to find the optimal solution. I serve also retailers with special discounts


Sincerely, Albert Nadhazi Jr. Self Employee